'On Camouflaged Wings' Title Page

Luftwaffe Over Ohio!
By Paul F. Straney and Robert Sacchi

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This article first appeared in Air Classics in Volume 27, Number 7 (July 1991). It was later reprinted in Warbirds International in Volume 12, Number 2 (March/April 1993). It is based upon the research of the authors over a 20 year period, and relies heavily on the NASM library for the excellent photo coverage. A lot of the pictures we use did not appear with the original article. Read on and enjoy!

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    Luftwaffe Over Ohio!
    At the end of the second World War, the Americans brought captured German warplanes to Wright Field in Ohio to evaluate them. What they brought, and what happened to them.

    Photo Extra!
    A special selection of photos not included with the article.

    Article Bibliography
    The authors referenced a lot of sources in researching this article. A compilation of our primary resources.

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'On Camouflaged Wings' Title Page

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