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On Camouflaged Wings
Issues and Aircraft that have shaped military aviation.

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Welcome to "On Camouflaged Wings"! What I have tried to create here is a research and information page, with interesting photos, articles, and of course, links to other sites. I shall continue to update this page regularly, and already have a string of articles to be posted. The photos are selected both from my personal archives, as well as from the photo collection of the National Aviation and Space Museum.

I routinely use smaller "thumbnail" pictures with text to keep downloading time to a minimum. To view any thumbnail picture as a full-screen picture, simply click on the photo itself. Us the "Back" key in your browser to return to the text pages.

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Table of Contents

1. Aviation Photo Gallery
A gallery of images of military aircraft, past and present.

2. South Africa's Warbirds: A Visit to the South African National Museum of Military History
An article on the small but interesting collection of warbirds preserved in South Africa. Includes photos of aircraft in this collection.

3. Luftwaffe Over Ohio!
At the end of the Second World War in Europe, an extensive program was launched to bring the newest and best of ex-Luftwaffe aircraft to Wright Field for evaluation and examination. The story of those aircraft and their subsequent fate. Includes a photo gallery of aircraft these aircraft then - and now.

4. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the National Air & Space Museum: Three Explosions that Changed History
51 years later, the struggle over how the dawn of the nuclear age will be remembered continues. Includes a photo gallery of past and present images.

5. Aircraft in Detail
Histories, design and operational details, phots and walkarounds of various aircraft.

6. Interpreting Military Aircraft Camouflage from Historical Records
Sure, I can look at a black & white photo of an aircraft and authoritatively state the colors it was painted. And I have a piece of a bridge to sell cheap... The inherent problems of interpreting camouflage colors from black & white images.

7. Pictures From the 1998 Paul E. Garber Restoration Facility Open House
The Paul E. Garber pulled out all the stops at the latest open house, pulling out aircraft that have been buried away for years. See what you missed!

7. Andrews Air Force Base Annual Open House
Andrews Air Force Base hosts an open house each year, where the nation's latest and greatest military hardware is displayed to the public.

Pictures From the 1998 Andrews Air Force Base Open House

Pictures From the 1999 Andrews Air Force Base Open House

Pictures From the 2000 Andrews Air Force Base Open House

8. Military Aviation History Links on the Web
Links to other military- and aviation- related sites.

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